Monday, June 7, 2010

Another bolete

It is amazing the variety of mushrooms one can find just walking around the block, specially if you consider that I live in a highly urbanized area that does not have much more than lawn, pines, oak and maple. Everyday I go out I see at least two or three different mushrooms which I had never seen before. Today I found two nice specimens: a bolete and a silver color gilled mushroom which I'll decribe later.

Date: 06/07/2010
Location: Rockville, MD

Pileus diameter - 32 mm
Pileus height - 22 mm
Stipe length - 45 mm
Stipe diameter at apex - 10 mm
Stipe diameter at middle - 10 mm
Stipe diameter at base - 10.5 mm

Pileus - dark brown, dry, dull, convex, round, glabrous, margin is entire, no partial veil, smell is agreeable but non-distinctive, insipid. Flesh is white and bruise blue quickly.
Hymenium - with pores, red/brown, bruises black (it may be very dark blue), pores are small/medium, tubes are 6.9 mm at thickest part of hymenium
Stipe - solid, brown color outside, clavate, inserted, no ring or volva, bruises black inside when cut, it is red colored towards the base (inside), flexible, no reticulation, no scabbers.
Spore print - could not obtained

This is a bolete but I could not identify with certainty the species. It is possibly B. subvelutipes but I would need to check the spores and the microscopic characteristics of it to be certain. Anyway, since this bolete has a red pore surface and bruises black I would not eat it. There is a good chance it is poisonous since most boletes with red pores are.

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